Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Japan’s Tsunami affected construction Machinery export Market

Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami on March 11, 2011 affected Construction Machinery Import and Export Market. According to the Japanese government it will take years to rebuild all area affected by the Tsunami. Most of Heavy equipment dealers and makers such as Hitachi, Komatsu, Kato, Kubota, Sakai, and Sumitomo are focus on supplying the internal demand making the export business almost impossible.
As result, most of importers migrated to USA market where there is a huge selection of machineries and price as good as Japan used to be before the disaster.
J. Trading Corporation located in Los Angeles California is member of most of Machinery auction in USA and can offer you full service up to your country (including loading and shipping)

American Construction Machinery Auction Service 
How to buy:
1) Let us know your needs by email, fax or phone: Maker, Model condition and your budget


       2) We will offer you pictures and condition of your machinery before the auction day
       (Check our inventory here)
3) You let us know your budget price and send us your payment


    4) We bid in your behalf and it is successful we ship direct to your destination port

For more information about our service please email us at or access

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Used Cars direct from United States

Through J. Trading Corporation USA branch, based in Los Angeles, California we proudly offer you a whole line of passenger, sports, SUVs, Hybrids, Minivans, Pickup trucks, Luxury, crossovers vehicles ready to be export to anywhere in the world.
J. Trading offer more choices and better quality at affordable prices. You can choose from more than 250,000 units per week in our network auction system. We are member of major wholesale auto auctions in the USA such as, Manheim, Adesa, IAAI and Copart.
Have the flexibility to choose and buy from all the 50 states of the United States from home! We will inspect, purchase, transport, storage and shipping it to you worldwide. Buying from J. Trading you will save money and time!

Why import a car rather than buy cars locally? 

The choice of cars is much larger! - You can buy your car from private sellers in USA, from car auctions, from car yards and many other places such as EBay. 

Save lots of money by importing your next car from USA
- If you were to buy your American car locally you would pay much more then importing it yourself.

Buy and sell for profit - Making money on American import cars is easy. Buy cars for cheap in America, import them and sell them for a profit in your country! It is easy to make huge profits if you import the car yourself.

Be the first owner in your country - Own your car in your country before anybody else gets their grubby mitts on it. (This really is a great feeling)

At used car auctions houses іn America, all kind of cars are available for sale, and many οf thеm аrе sold аrе very ехсеllеnt prices. Even taking thе shipping cost іntο account, іt іѕ possible tο import a car directly frοm USA аt аn advantageous price.

5 TIPS to get cheaper cars
1)    VOLUME -Knowing hοw many οf a particular model sell per week tеll уου nοt οnlу hοw well lονеd a car іѕ, bυt іt аlѕο dilutes thе competition. It іѕ even possible tο еnd up being thе οnlу bidder οn a car аt thе еnd οf thе day, ѕіnсе οthеr bidders mіght bе gone, leaving уου wіth a ехсеllеnt price. Bу selecting models wіth high volume, уου саn avoid multiple bidders thаt wіll drive up thе price tοο much

2)    Year. Buying nеw car directly frοm USA іѕ generally a tеrrіblе thουght. Thеу аrе going tο bе јυѕt аѕ expensive, especially аftеr уου consider shipping. Alѕο, unless thе car іѕ a classic, try tο avoid cars over ten years ancient. Thе best range іѕ аbουt 3 tο 10 years ancient. Cars within thіѕ age range hаνе thе best differential between prices іn US аnd other countries.

3)    Mileage. Aѕ уου wουld expect, thе lower thе mileage thе higher thе bid price. Tο gеt thе best price tο resale value ratio, aim fοr cars wіth a mileage јυѕt a small bit higher thаn average. If thе car іѕ over one hundred thousand mileages, thе value drops quickly. Thе winning bid wіll bе lower thаn average, bυt уου won’t bе аblе tο resell thе car аt a profit.

4)    Condition. Thе score given bу thе inspector іѕ thе single mοѕt significant factor іn affecting price. You will get used to the price market once you start importing cars.

5)    Color. Believe іt οr nοt, color іѕ a significant factor іn thе auction price οf a car. People wіll pay much more fοr a car thаt іѕ a well lονеd color. Fοr example, a black 2007 Ford F150 wіll sell fοr $1,000 higher οn average thаn other color οf exactly thе same model.

Whеn уου take аll thеѕе points іntο account whеn bidding аt a car auction іn Ameria, уου аrе more lіkеlу tο gеt a better price fοr resale value. With our auto specialist you will have all information necessary to get your best possible deal
For more information please check or email us at

Monday, June 13, 2011

Japanese used car auction

Japanese Used car auction House - HAA Kobe

J. Trading Corporation has been the leading and most trusted Japanese used car auction agents and used car exporters since 1991. Our online auctions system allows you to have a huge choice of used cars more than 150,000 units every week! You can view photos of the vehicles, car condition details, grading and the starting prices.J. Trading Corporation buys cars in your behalf and exports it direct to your country!!

5 Steps to buy your second hand vehicle from Japan

Step 1 – Search your car through our auction online system
Contact one of our export team members and let us know what you are looking for: make, model and year. We will assist you to get the best deal for your purchase in terms of quality, price and service.

Step 2 – Deposit
To start bidding in your behalf we need a deposit of 30% of value of your bidding. Payment method only by telegraphic transfer

Step 3 - Order/Bidding
Once we confirm your deposit you will have access online to all Japanese auction houses. You will be able to see result, prices and upcoming cars. Once we get your order, we will bid in your behalf at your budget price.
Step 4 – Result/export
After we get your car, you will receive all details of your purchase (pictures, invoice, etc.). Your car will be able to ship after 10 day we purchase your vehicle.

Step 5 – Shipping
When we confirm your full payment we will arrange your shipment. Documentation: Invoice, export certificate and Bill of landing will be sent by post after the shipment
Japanese Used Cars Auction

Benefits of buying used Cars from J. Trading Corporation

1) Speedy Our freight forwarder service will make your booking much faster than other companies and provide you good shipping rates.
2) Huge choice of cars  Our online auctions system allows you to have a huge choice of used cars more than 150,000 units every week
3) Low Price - Our procurement systems help you to find the best choice for your deal in terms of price and quality.
4) Auto Expert experts car staffs with multi language task: English, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Korean
5) Low cost: we own our own yard where we have specialists able to load your car at really low cost.
For more information please access our page or send us an email

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shipping rate from Japan to your destination                          

The shipping cost below is set  per cubic meter.
To find shipping cost of any car,  you need to multiply the size of your car per cubic meter and the rate as the table below.  For example, Toyota Corolla has 10,48  cubic meter and you want to ship to Australia ($83/m3).  

Your Ocean freight will be in the example
10,48 m3 x $83 = $869,84


20 feet container: Usually we can load only one car, it will depend on the size of your model.
40 feet container: We can ship 4 or more cars.
Check our pictures at

*** Prices can be changed anytime, please contact us for more information about update price and car sizes. 

Port Country per m3 per unit 20ft container 40ft container
Luanda Angola US$ 225
US$ 3680 US$ 7283
Lobito Angola

US$ 3300 US$ 6500
St. John's Antigua and Barbuda US$ 185

Buenos Aires Argentina

US$ 2960 US$ 5700
Erevan Armenia

Any port Australia US$ 83

Fremantle Australia US$ 83
US$ 1700

Brisbane Australia US$ 75
US$ 1100 US$ 1900
Sydney Australia US$ 86
US$ 1400 US$ 2800
Darwin Australia US$ 86

Melbourne Australia US$ 86
US$ 1860 US$ 3500
Adelaide Australia US$ 86

Nassau Bahamas US$ 124
US$ 5325 US$ 7080
Freeport Bahamas US$ 166

US$ 6500
Salman Port Bahrain US$ 65
US$ 1798 US$ 3403
Chittagong Bangladesh US$ 55
US$ 2000 US$ 3500
DHAKA Bangladesh

US$ 2300 US$ 4100
Bridgetown Barbados US$ 177
US$ 3790 US$ 5095
Zeebrugge Belgium US$ 85

Antwerp Belgium US$ 90

Gent Belgium US$ 85

Belize City Belize

US$ 4390 US$ 5780
Cotonue Benin US$ 177
US$ 3060 US$ 5800
Hamilton Bermuda US$ 173

US$ 6715
Gaborone Botswana

US$ 2940 US$ 7800
Muara Brunei Darussalam
US$ 650

Varna/Burgas Bulgaria

US$ 2000 US$ 4100

US$ 1300 US$ 2350
Douala Cameroon US$ 177
US$ 3070 US$ 5760
New Westminster Canada US$ 95
US$ 3072 US$ 4462
Regina Rail Ramp Canada

US$ 4444 US$ 5900
Toronto Canada

US$ 4900 US$ 6100
Montreal Canada

US$ 4900 US$ 6100
Calgary Canada

US$ 3879 US$ 5400
Halifax Canada

US$ 5880 US$ 7810
Winnipeg Canada

US$ 6350
Saskatoon Canada

US$ 6100
Georgetown Cayman Islands US$ 142
US$ 4900 US$ 7110
US$ 1061 US$ 1980 US$ 3880
Valparaiso Port Chile

US$ 2600 US$ 5100
Xingang (Peking by road) China US$ 45

Ning-bo, Shanghai China

US$ 400 US$ 615
Buenaventure Colombia US$ 113

Cartagena Colombia US$ 133

Comoros Comoros US$ 114

Boma Congo US$ 204
US$ 4400 US$ 8560
Point Noire Congo US$ 207
US$ 4220 US$ 8380
Rarotonga Cook Islands US$ 315
US$ 5000

Port Caldera Costa Rica US$ 145
US$ 3420 US$ 6650
Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire US$ 178
US$ 3080 US$ 6090
Rijeka Croatia (Hrvatska)

US$ 2891 US$ 5215
Havana Cuba

US$ 2900 US$ 5050
Larnaca Cyprus US$ 79

Famagusta Cyprus

US$ 3100 US$ 4900
LIMASSOL Cyprus US$ 79

Copenhagen Denmark US$ 110

Djibouti Djibouti US$ 99
US$ 2490 US$ 4330
Roseau Dominica US$ 170
US$ 4500 US$ 6700
Santo Domingo Dominican Republic US$ 159

Dili East Timor
US$ 3000 US$ 3950 US$ 6200
Alexandria Egypt US$ 110
US$ 1950 US$ 3950
Acajutla El Salvador US$ 117

ACAJUTLA El Salvador

US$ 3920 US$ 5730
BETA Equatorial Guinea

US$ 4400 US$ 7800
Massawa Eritrea

US$ 2750 US$ 5300
Tallin Estonia

US$ 2400 US$ 4300
PALDISKI Estonia US$ 115

Djibouti Ethiopia US$ 112
US$ 1825

Suva Fiji US$ 100
US$ 2980 US$ 6070
Lautoka Fiji US$ 95
US$ 2980 US$ 6070
Helsinki Finland

US$ 1700 US$ 3100
Hanko Finland US$ 115
US$ 2939 US$ 5850
Le Havre France US$ 85
US$ 2160 US$ 4050
Papeete French Polynesia US$ 226

Libreville Gabon US$ 175
US$ 4300 US$ 8550
Banjul Gambia US$ 144
US$ 3360 US$ 6650
Poti Georgia

US$ 2900 US$ 5800
Bremerhaven Germany US$ 85
US$ 2500

Tema Ghana US$ 160
US$ 2250 US$ 4400
Accra Ghana

Gibraltar Gibraltar

US$ 3352

Piraeus Greece US$ 90

Thessaloniki Greece

US$ 3200 US$ 5000
St. George's Grenada US$ 176
US$ 5800 US$ 7500
Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe US$ 176

Guam Guam US$ 85
US$ 2350 US$ 5800
Port Quetzal Guatemala US$ 118
US$ 2550 US$ 5250
Conakry Guinea US$ 155

Bissau Guinea-Bissau US$ 159

Georgetown Guyana US$ 116
US$ 4425 US$ 6365
Port au Prince Haiti US$ 175
US$ 5300 US$ 7300
San Lorenzo Honduras US$ 100

Hong Kong Hong Kong
US$ 500 US$ 875


US$ 2395 US$ 4260
Reykjavik Iceland

US$ 4270 US$ 7087
Calcutta India US$ 111

Mumbai India US$ 110
US$ 2300

Jakaruta Indonesia US$ 60

Surabaja Indonesia US$ 65

Bandar Abas Iran (Islamic Republic of)

US$ 2450
Dublin Ireland US$ 95
US$ 2401 US$ 4396
Ashdod Israel

US$ 1500 US$ 2780
Liborno Italy US$ 95

Sabona Italy US$ 108


US$ 1150 US$ 2100
Kingston Jamaica US$ 137
US$ 4450 US$ 6065
Naha Japan
US$ 500

Atsugi Japan
US$ 320

Yokosuka Japan
US$ 260

Tokyo Japan
US$ 300

Aqaba Jordan

US$ 2500 US$ 4600
Almaty Kazakhstan

US$ 3300 US$ 6000
Mombassa Kenya US$ 70
US$ 2150 US$ 4200
Tarawa Kiribati US$ 223
US$ 4435

TARAWA Kiribati US$ 226

Pusan Korea, Republic of

US$ 700

Inchon Korea, Republic of

US$ 700

Shuwaikh Kuwait US$ 65
US$ 1900 US$ 3400
Bishkek Kyrgyzstan

US$ 4100 US$ 6300
Beirut Lebanon US$ 95
US$ 2700 US$ 5100
Monrovia Liberia

US$ 4200 US$ 7800
Tripoli Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

US$ 2356 US$ 4523
Klaipeda Lithuania

US$ 2520 US$ 5500
Tamatave Madagascar US$ 148
US$ 2035 US$ 3600
Port Klang Malaysia
US$ 700 US$ 890 US$ 1100
Maldives Maldives

US$ 3000 US$ 6100
Abidjan Mali US$ 119

Valetta Malta US$ 135

Marsaxlokk Malta

US$ 1600 US$ 3500
Majuro Marshall Islands

US$ 1800

Port of France Martinique US$ 128

Nouakchott Mauritania US$ 141
US$ 2680

Port Louis Mauritius US$ 110
US$ 2000 US$ 3900
Manzanillo Mexico

US$ 1350 US$ 2250
Kosrae State Micronesia, Fed. States of US$ 95
US$ 2400

Chuuk Micronesia, Fed. States of US$ 110

Phonpei Micronesia, Fed. States of US$ 110

Korsa Micronesia, Fed. States of US$ 110

Yap Micronesia, Fed. States of US$ 120

Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

US$ 2850 US$ 4500
Maputo Mozambique US$ 125
US$ 2800 US$ 4300
BEIRA Mozambique

US$ 2400

Yangon Myanmar US$ 72
US$ 1450

Walbis Bay Namibia

US$ 2490 US$ 4800
Calcutta Nepal US$ 110

Flushing Netherlands US$ 65

Rotterdam Netherlands US$ 90

Amsterdam Netherlands US$ 85
US$ 1560 US$ 3150
Aruba Netherlands Antilles US$ 167

Curacao Netherlands Antilles US$ 179

Bonaire Netherlands Antilles US$ 173

Phillipsburg Netherlands Antilles US$ 187
US$ 5500 US$ 8700
Noumea New Caledonia US$ 160

Auckland New Zealand
US$ 900

Tauranga New Zealand
US$ 900

Napier New Zealand
US$ 900

Wellington New Zealand
US$ 900

Lyttelton New Zealand
US$ 900

Korinto Nicaragua US$ 114

Lagos Nigeria US$ 165
US$ 2950 US$ 5740
Saipan Northern Mariana Islands US$ 85

DRAMMEN Norway US$ 115
US$ 2550 US$ 4550
Muscat Oman

US$ 1592 US$ 2888
Karachi Pakistan US$ 77
US$ 1840 US$ 3765
Koror Palau US$ 129
US$ 3550 US$ 5980
Balboa Panama US$ 156
US$ 3250 US$ 5000
Moresby Papua New Guinea US$ 128
US$ 2500

Lae Papua New Guinea US$ 128
US$ 2200

Tarawa Papua New Guinea US$ 223

Alotau Papua New Guinea US$ 210

Asuncion Paraguay

US$ 4500 US$ 6600
Callao Peru
US$ 1100 US$ 2684 US$ 5413
US$ 1180 US$ 2684 US$ 5413
Manila Philippines
US$ 720 US$ 710 US$ 1010
Cebu Philippines

US$ 1450
Gdansk Poland US$ 100
US$ 2655 US$ 4700
Gdynia Poland US$ 110
US$ 2800 US$ 4800
LISBON Portugal

US$ 2750 US$ 4900
San Juan Puerto Rico

US$ 4237 US$ 4780
DOHA Qatar

US$ 1100 US$ 2055
Pointe Des Galtes Reunion
US$ 2275 US$ 2275 US$ 3892
Constanta Romania

US$ 1970 US$ 3610
Vladivostok Russian Federation
US$ 450 US$ 1980 US$ 3100
Novorossijsk Russian Federation

US$ 2700 US$ 4300
St. Petersburg Russian Federation US$ 115
US$ 2100 US$ 3700
Nakhodka Russian Federation

US$ 1721 US$ 3051
Basseterre Saint Kitts and Nevis US$ 171

Port Castries Saint Lucia US$ 167
US$ 4470 US$ 6170
Apia Samoa US$ 197

Pago Pago Samoa US$ 300

Dammam Saudi Arabia US$ 85
US$ 1900 US$ 3400
Jeddha Saudi Arabia

US$ 1320 US$ 2455
Dakar Senegal US$ 141
US$ 3030 US$ 5990
Mahe Seychelles US$ 117

Freetown Sierra Leone
US$ 2300 US$ 3600 US$ 6700
Singapore Singapore US$ 45
US$ 765 US$ 1165
Honiara Solomon Islands US$ 180
US$ 3850

Berabera Somalia

US$ 2730 US$ 4995
Durban South Africa US$ 60
US$ 2000 US$ 3500
Santander Spain US$ 110

Valencia Spain

US$ 2660 US$ 4660
Algeciras Spain

US$ 1835 US$ 3470
Barcelona Spain US$ 82
US$ 2300 US$ 4800
Colombo Sri Lanka US$ 55
US$ 1100 US$ 1900
Kingstown St. Vincent & the Grenadines US$ 168
US$ 5430 US$ 6720
Bassetterre St.Kitts US$ 169

Port Sudan Sudan US$ 80

Paramaribo Suriname US$ 125
US$ 3620 US$ 6200
Gothenburg Sweden US$ 110
US$ 2300 US$ 4020
Malmo Sweden US$ 110

Papeete Tahiti US$ 406

Keelung Taiwan
US$ 400

Dar es Salaam Tanzania, United Republic of US$ 70
US$ 1800 US$ 3250
Zanzibar Tanzania, United Republic of

US$ 2295 US$ 4495
Laem chabang Thailand
US$ 700 US$ 800 US$ 1090

US$ 860 US$ 1090
Lome Togo US$ 147
US$ 2615 US$ 5180
Nukualofa Tonga US$ 155

Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago US$ 153
US$ 4700 US$ 7030
Derince Turkey US$ 100

Gemlik Turkey

US$ 2750 US$ 4750
Not Available Turks and Caicos Islands

US$ 6320 US$ 8370
Odessa Ukraine US$ 140
US$ 2500 US$ 4850
Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates US$ 65

Jebel Ali United Arab Emirates US$ 65
US$ 2000 US$ 3000
Southampton United Kingdom US$ 77
US$ 2100 US$ 3700
Bristol United Kingdom US$ 85

Any port United Kingdom US$ 85

Newcastle United Kingdom US$ 85

Liverpool United Kingdom US$ 85
US$ 2600 US$ 5100
East coast USA

US$ 2800

West coast USA

US$ 2500 US$ 4200
Detroit USA

US$ 3958 US$ 5211

US$ 3500 US$ 5500
Savanah USA

US$ 4120 US$ 5480
Boston USA

US$ 3832 US$ 5164
Chicago USA

US$ 3345 US$ 4925
Tampa BAy USA

US$ 3657 US$ 5072
Los Angeles/long Beach USA US$ 97
US$ 2770 US$ 3780
Jacksonville USA

US$ 4230 US$ 5900
Houston USA

US$ 3563 US$ 5156
Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

US$ 4238 US$ 5458
Port Vila Vanuatu US$ 193
US$ 4660

Santo Vanuatu US$ 193
US$ 4660

Abidjan Venezuela
US$ 1100

La Guaira Venezuela US$ 175

Pt. Cabello Venezuela US$ 175

Hochiminh Viet Nam

US$ 1050
Aden & Hodeidah Yemen

US$ 3200 US$ 6200